KBA RA 162A-5+L - Qualitronic - Year 2010

Technical Specifications
Format: 120 x 162 cm
Impressions: ca. 20 mio.
ErgoTronic Professional with ColorTronic ink metering
DensiTronic Professional
Qualitronic ColorControl
ACR-Control Video Register
Ink temp. control
Water cooled
All washing devices
Plate-, blanket- and impressioncylinder corrosion-resistant coated
Suction tape feedboard
Baldwin Basicliner cooling device
Diagonal register by inclined position of transfer cylinder
Ultrasonic & mechanical double sheet control
Haris & Bruno coating unit with chambered doctor blade
Haris & Bruo coating supply and cleaning system for dispersion coating
Morized crane for exchaning anilox roller
Extended delivery 2600 mm
Powder system: Grafix Megatronic
IR- and TL Dryer
CX Package up to 1,2 mm thickness
Leight weight package
No nonstop in feeder
Nonstop roller rack in delivery, lowerable
Sheet travel control for cardboard
Speed: 13.000 sh/h

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